Official the One Ring Keychain for Sale


Based on the product page of this Lord of the Rings keychain on Amazon, it says that the keychain has gotten the approval by Warner Bros. As a result, the cynical me decided to dig up about the company who is selling this to make sure that they are not saying it just so they could fish more sales.

Fortunately, the company checks out. They were established 28 years ago with a brick and mortar location in London that many people actually enjoy going to. They also sell some other cool stuff based on popular movies and tv series such as Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. One example is this cool Harry Potter chess set.

Coming back to the One Ring keychain, the ring is made out of cast metal which not only makes it feel solid but also adds some weight to it. On top of that, you won’t be able to differentiate it from the one in the movie because of the level of details on this thing. And yes, if you have the idea to remove the ring from the keychain and wear it on your finger, you can do it, however, due to the fact that it’s not real gold, I think it’s best to use it as a keychain.