OontZ Angle 3 – The Bluetooth Speaker for Both Party People and Chilling People


Let get to partyyyyy! Set the dancing floor on fire with OontZ Angle 3 portable speaker. You may think there are lots of Bluetooth speakers in the market, so why OontZ? Well, firstly OontZ’ bass radiator and acoustic stereo liven up the party with its crystal clear sound and high altitude volume. No matter how loud you play, Oontz does not hiss, buzz or distort the music.

OontZ has highly advanced Bluetooth 4.2 antenna that keeps the music on as far as 100 feet away from your Spotify or any other music streaming services. The Bluetooth is quick to connect and easily adaptable to almost all trending devices including Echo models, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Samsung Notes and any other cell phone, laptop, Mac or Bluetooth devices that you may use.

Ah…now you may think you are not a party person, so why OontZ? We will tell you why! After spending a long hard day, you need to relax at home with some good music and a hotplate. In other words, for good and smooth sounding music, that’s why!

You can even talk and catch up with your friends with it. Its in-built microphone lets you speak through it with utmost clarity.

OontZ can play non-stop for 14 hours continuously. It can also be connected via its 3.5mm cable to the TV or any other non-Bluetooth devices and enjoy a night binge-watching Netflix series.

Or if you love playing music in the shower, OontZ can tag along with you in the bathroom. Its IPX5 water-resistant feature protects it from shower sprays or a splash of gentle water. As long as you don’t fully emerge it in water, OontZ will survive.

Apart from its long list of benefits, OontZ is also easy on the eyes. The perfectly triangular and compact shape of OontZ can fit almost anywhere in your house – horizontally or vertically. You can even carry it around in a backpack as its just 10 oz. And if you want you can also buy its own carry case bag from Amazon which fits it like a glove – it has an aluminum carabiner which can be used to hang it on the backpack or anywhere.