These Oven Mitts Is Capable of Handling Heat That’s Up To 500ºC


If you want to make sure that you are 100% safe during baking, grilling or even cooking, I strongly suggest you buy these oven mitts.

These are no ordinary oven mitts that you usually come across in a kitchenware store. These are high-quality oven mitts that are capable of handling the heat of up to 500ºC. You never need to worry about burning yourself anymore even if you are handling scorching stuff such as melted caramel.

On the other hand, these oven mitts are also comfortable to use compared to the standard version that is usually made out of cotton fabric. This is because it has a silicone super-grip surface that allows you to hold onto the pan, pot or whatever properly – preventing it from slipping. On top of that, you can feel all five of your fingers which gives you better control on what you are grasping – totally the opposite of the usual oven mitts that are made out of cotton fabric.

Note: The material used to make these oven mitts are known as aramid fibers. Not only it is a heat-resistant fiber, but it also does not catch fire or melt when exposed to an open flame.

Note: It’s available in 4 colors; red, black, blue and gray.