How To Know If Someone Is Peaking At Your Computer Monitor At Work


I don’t like the fact there is someone at the back of me when I’m using my computer. Even if the person is not looking at my computer monitor, I still feel insecure. Especially at work, when there is someone named Raj sitting at the back of me. Although he is not sitting facing my back, I still feel like he is peaking at my computer monitor.

What I did to get rid of the feeling is by buying this rectangle shape blind spot mirror that is meant for cars and I stuck it at the top right corner of my computer monitor. It gives me a wide-angle view on everything that’s going on at the back of me. I can even see what Raj is doing – but I don’t get to see what he is doing on his computer monitor because his head is blocking the view (good for him). I feel much better and secure now.

Anyways, you should do the same if you feel the same way as I do.