Pimple Toy


Popping a pimple can be both disgusting and satisfying at the same time. Which is why many of us prefer popping our own pimple – it’s stress relieving and at the same time it feels good to get rid out of the dirt.

Some 0f you go to an extent to pop some other people’s pimple. Fortunately, this toy is here to save you from whoring around looking for pimples to pop. It mimics the same experience of popping a real pimple.

The toy is made out of silicone and it has about 12 pimple holes where you can squeeze out the “pus” in a similar way you squeeze out real pimple pus. But of course, the pus for this toy is not genuine. In fact, it smells good. You also get a 30ml bottle of pus to refill the toy so that you can knock yourself out by popping as many pimples as you can.

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