Portable Light for Bookworms


Needed a book light but reluctant to carry it around because its heavy and complicated to use? Well, worry not, LuminoLite is super light-weight, portable and clips onto a book. Now you have your own reading space without having to turn on the whole room light. With eye-cared diffused light, you have fewer worries in life without having headache and eye-straining light during your reading. It can even be adjusted with 3 modes and each mode has 3 brightness levels. Long press to change color temperature; quick click to adjust the brightness, so easy.

Save the earth. No more wasting money on batteries. LuminoLite is rechargeable, it can go up to 70 hours without charging so you can enjoy more. Another plus point for this light, you can even position the light how and where you want because it has 360 degrees flexible neck. Less hassle.

The best thing is it packs very small. Take it everywhere with you, it fits your tote bag or even your handbag. Plus, it’s durable. It is definitely perfect for all bookworms and kids.