Portable Sink Stopper


Most of the time, a sink stopper is attached to the sink itself. If the sink stopper is made out of rubber, there should be a chain that is attached to the rubber sink stopper so that it does not slip away. And if it’s made out of metal, it’s most likely fixed into the sink where you can enable or disable it by pressing it.

This sink stopper you see here is an innovation of the sink stoppers mentioned above. It’s a portable sink stopper which can work on any type of sinks, even bathtubs.

It works sort of like a suction cup. Place it on a sinkhole and press it down so that it sticks to it. After that, if you press the button at the top, it will release the water to flow and if you press it again, it will stop the water flow. As simple as that.

It’s available in three colors; white, gray and surf blue.