Portable Urination Device for the Ladies


As a guy, I find this product to be a little weird. But, I don’t think the ladies think so too. In fact, based on the reviews left by verified purchasers on Amazon, the ladies seem to love it.

One reviewer said that she was so excited to have purchased this product, she took advantage of it by peeing everywhere. In the bush, on the woodland creatures, under the sun, in the rain, down the drain and even in the park.

Now, you might be questioning what the hell this product is all about. Well, it’s a portable funnel-shaped urination device for the ladies. It allows ladies to pee while standing up and it also allows them to bring it anywhere they want since it’s compact in size.

The main idea behind it was to allow the ladies to pee standing up while they are away camping, hiking or doing any other outdoor activities so that they won’t get infected.