Pringles Chip-Xractor

We all know the difficulties that come with eating Pringles chips – which is having a tough time removing the last few chips that are at the bottom of the tubular can. But we still buy them because it’s addictively delicious. Plus, they keep on inventing new and interesting flavors which we can’t do anything but trying.

The easiest way to deal with this difficulty is by tilting the tubular can so that the last few pieces slide to the mouth of the can. However, if you don’t have steady hands then you should use the can lid as the stopper to prevent the chips from falling out.

Or, you can try to negotiate with the team @ Unnecessary Inventions to custom build and sell you one of their not-for-sale inventions – which is the Pringles Chip-Xractor. The Pringles Chip-Xractor that looks like a type of long barrel revolver is a suction device that has been built in a way to allow it to enter all the way to the end of the tubular can so that it can suck out the chips one by one in one piece.

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