Ramen Noodle Bowl with Chopsticks Holder


If you prefer eating ramen noodle or instant noodle with a pair of chopsticks, I think you might be interested in this ramen noodle bowl with chopsticks holder.

As you may know, Japanese and Chinese Asians have a very strict culture when it comes to eating with chopsticks. For example, you can’t share your food with another person using the chopsticks and you can’t have the chopsticks placed in the bowl when you are done with the food.

While this bowl can’t save you from sharing food with chopsticks, it can save you from placing the chopsticks in the bowl before you have Japanese or Chinese Asian friends starring at you in shock. It has two holes at both ends which will always remind you to slide in your chopsticks once you are done with the noodle. The holes also work as a holder for you to carry the bowl if the bowl is hot.

The bowl comes in a pair. Bamboo chopsticks and a ceramic soup spoon are included for each bowl.

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