10 Reasons Why This Makes The Perfect Soup Container To Bring To Work


  1. It keeps the soup nice and hot for a very long time.
  2. The mouth is quite large which makes it easy to pour the soup inside.
  3. It looks damn cool with its unique shape and steel exterior.
  4. Speaking of shape, it is small enough to carry it in one hand.
  5. Although the soup inside is extremely hot, it’s still safe to carry it from the outside because of the insulation technology it has.
  6. It comes in five different cool colors.
  7. It has a foldable spoon on the inside similar to the spoon found in a yogurt cup. But, this spoon is made out of stainless steel and much larger in size.
  8. The lid can be used as a mini bowl.
  9. It does not leak.
  10. The price is good. The quality is good. The investment on it gives you a hot soupy return for the rest of your life.