How to Easily Renew Your Old Three Seater Sofa


The sofa is a piece of furniture that gets dirty and worn out the fastest because we humans treat it more than just a sofa – we treat it as a bed where we occasionally take a nap and have sex on it, we treat it as a dining table where we eat on it, we treat it as a dog bed where the dog sleeps on it, we treat it as a cat playground where the cat occasionally gives it a good scratch and we basically look at it as the only furniture at home.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that you should not do any of the above. After all, it’s your sofa – you can do anything you want with it. What I’m tryna say is that, if your sofa looks like it has been beaten up by life, I think it’s time to cover it up so that it wouldn’t look that bad and at the same time, you can continue using it for a longer period of time and extend the purchase date for a brand new sofa.

How to cover it up? Say hello to the H.Versailtex three seater sofa cover. It’s a 2 piece stretchable cover that can fit onto a three seater sofa like a glove. One of the pieces is meant for the sofa structure and the other piece is meant for the sofa cushions. Not only it will make your sofa look brand new but it also makes it even more comfortable to sit on because the fabric that is used is knitted fabric.

Available in 11 different colors.