A Rubik’s Cube Sized and Shaped Power Outlet


There are many reasons why I call this power outlet smart. But there’s only one reason to why I call this power outlet space-saving – and the reason is that it is small (Rubik’s cube shape and size) and on top of that, they have maximized its capacity by adding three 3 AC outlets on the sides and 2 USB ports on the top (normally, a 3 AC outlet power strip is quite big in size and looks sort of messy when it’s laying on the floor).

Speaking of messy, this power outlet also comes with screws which you can use to attach it on top of a work desk so that you don’t need to crawl under the desk to get something charged. However, if you don’t want to puncture screws into your table, you can use the powerful double-sided 3M sticker that comes with it as well. Or, you can have it attached on a wall or anywhere you find it convenient.

On the other hand, I mentioned that this power outlet is smart because it comes with an app. You can connect the power outlet to a WiFi connection and use the app to enable or disable the 3 AC outlets (individually). On top of that, you can connect it to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and use your voice to enable or disable the outlets.