How to Save Your Health and the Environment Through the Use of Chopsticks


I just read this article by Greg Rodgers where he writes about how disposable wooden chopsticks can damage your health and also how it can cause environmental harm. It’s an interesting read and I think you should read it too.

However, if you are too lazy to read through the article, let me summarize it for you. Disposable wooden chopsticks that are badly manufactured contain industrial chemicals (such as sulfur dioxide) that can be released during use and it can trigger asthma and respiratory problems. On top of that, more than 25 million matured trees are chopped off every year to meet the demand of disposable wooden chopsticks.

According to him, the best way to stop all this nonsense is by carrying your own pair of chopsticks that are made out of metal or properly sourced wood. And you should use it for a long long time. An example is these chopsticks that are made out of titanium. It comes with an aluminum case which you can safely store them and bring them with you anywhere you go.