Screw The Great Gasby And Say Hello To The Great Bacon Press


The Great Gasby is certainly a good book to read and the movie was well-directed. However, as hopeful Jay Gatsby can be, there’s nothing more hopeful than crispy bacon. I think many of you can agree with me on this.

Anyways, to achieve strips of evenly-seared crispy bacon (on both sides) is not something easy to do. You will have to constantly monitor and make sure that it’s been seared the right amount of time. On top of that, you will also have to put some weight on it to make sure that it’s been seared evenly.

So, you really have to multitask when it comes to making the perfect crispy bacon. On one hand, if you don’t put proper weight on it, you will not have an evenly seared bacon. On the other hand, if you put the weight on it for too long, the bacon will burn.

One way to ease the process is with this bacon press which I call it The Great Bacon Press. It allows you to evenly distribute weight onto all the strips of bacon you have searing in the pan/skillet. That’s because of its 12-inch diameter surface which can sit on many strips of bacon at once. And it has a nice wooden handle for you to be able to press the bacon strips down to the pan/skillet to make sure that the bacon stays nice and flat (for even searing).

This bacon press is made out of cast iron which feels very sturdy when using it. And you can even use it to press sausages, sandwich or any other types of meat.