Skull-Shaped Ice Cube Tray


The title of this post says that this is a skull-shaped ice cube tray. Even the product page on Amazon says the same thing. If you possess the power of attention to detail, you will notice that the word “cube” is not supposed to be there. That’s because this thing makes ice that is the shape of a skull and not a cube.

But whatever it is, for me, if the product works, the grammar can go to hell. Which thankfully it does work. Or otherwise, I would have to file a lawsuit.

The tray makes three different types of skulls. One of the skulls seems to be wearing a hat, one seems to have a scarf or a cloth wrapped around the head and the other one is just a plain skull with a crack mark on the forehead. And in terms of size, let’s just say one of the skulls is enough to keep a nice whiskey glass cold.