Slim Wireless Keyboard with Customizable Backlight Color


Priced at only $20, this wireless keyboard should be your final decision if your hunt for wireless keyboards has not ended. Why?

  1. It’s slim – which makes it easy to carry it around and it can be stored in a backpack or handbag without taking up much space.
  2. It’s super light in terms of weight.
  3. It’s stylish.
  4. It’s nice to type on – the keys are not too close together (almost feel like typing on a MacBook Air’s keyboard).
  5. It has backlight colors which can be customized. There are seven colors. And the brightness of the colors can be adjusted as well (2 brightness levels).
  6. It can be connected to any types of devices as long as the device has Bluetooth connectivity.
  7. It has good battery life (built-in rechargeable battery).
  8. Speaking of battery life, it has auto sleep feature – the keyboard automatically goes to sleep if not in use for 15 seconds to save battery.
  9. Two years warranty.
  10. Quick and friendly customer service.

All in all, the best $20 you will spend on for the next few years.