Smart USB Car Charger and Car Finder


This is the ZUS smart USB car charger and car finder. What’s interesting about it besides the fact that it’s also a car finder (will get to you about it in a bit) is that it allows you to charge two different devices at once, since it has two USB ports.

The car finder on the other hand (as promised) is able to work by downloading the ZUS app to your phone. To be clear, it is not a tracking feature but a location remembering feature. So for example, if you park your car in a massive car park, the app will let you know that the location has been saved and it will also ask you if you want to set a timer – which is useful if you don’t want to exceed a certain amount of time to avoid paying high parking rates or getting a parking summon. And when you want to return to your car, just fire up the app and it will give you a direction on where your car is and as well as a rough estimation on how far it is. There’s also a map function which allows you to see how far your car is in relation to you.