Solar Powered Lantern with Real Fire Burning Effect


This solar-powered lantern comes in a set of two and it produces a real fire burning effect when it’s turned on – it makes it look like the lantern uses kerosene and flame in order to stay lit up (like those medieval period lanterns).

The solar panel on this thing, on the other hand, is not some cheap one either. It only needs 4 hours of sunlight to be fully charged and it is capable of keeping the light on for 15 hours straight.

On top of that, the whole thing is waterproof. So, you can hang it outside on your patio or on the front porch and not worry about the weather condition.

The best part about it is that the lights turn on automatically after sunset and it turns off automatically before sunrise. So, you really just got to leave it out there where it belongs and enjoy the soothing-ness it brings to your housing compound.