Spine-Tingling Halloween Decoration


Looking for a spectacular new way to decorate for Halloween or any spooky occasion? Then feast your eyes on Atmosfearfx’s Phantasms. It’s a DVD that contains a frightfully entertaining collection of four fiendish phantoms that are just dying to inhabit your home.

With a press of a button, your TV will instantly become a portal into the netherworld where spooky specters plug their entry into the human realm. Or for added scares, use a video projector to show off all the paranormal activity on any wall or window. Or use Atmosfearfx’s Hollusion Projection Material in your doorway or yard to create an eye-popping hologram-like illusion with a phantom seemingly materialize out of thin air and hover above the ground. Or try the all-new 3D effects prop display mode and astound your guests as an anonymous shroud jolt awake from eternal slumber to become the life of the party, with the other three phantoms taking turns to appear.

These digital decorations are easy to use. Customize your experience from a simple DVD menu and press Play. Then watch with spine-tingling wonder as the phantoms float through your home, pass through walls, cause unsettling disturbances and turn any environment into a thrilling, haunting experience.

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