Stainless Steel Drinking Straw Priced @ $1.22 Each


Do you know what really grinds my gears? Once upon a morning, I woke up and head over to a cafe nearby my house and ordered a drink like how I normally would. The drink arrives with no straws in it. I ask the waiter and she said that plastic straws have been banned! The idea of plastic straws are banned didn’t bother me that much but having to drink directly from a cup after 27 years of drinking it with a straw, bothers me. That’s what grinds my gears.

But you know what, I got to accept it and move on for the sake of planet earth and also my health. Similar to how I accept disposable wooden chopsticks to no longer be my noodle companion.

But of course, moving on is not that easy. The good news is that this extremely cheap stainless steel drinking straw has made it a little easier. It comes in a set of four with a $4.89 price tag – that’s $1.22 each. I bring it everywhere I go and chuck it into a cup whenever there’s no straw in it.

Also included with the stainless steel straws is a cleaning brush to clean the insides of the straws.

The only inconvenience with the straws is that it does not come with its own pouch. I had to use my own drawstring pouch. But hey! $1.22 each!