Stainless-Steel Taco Holder


If you are a kind of person who makes tacos frequently at home, you are going to need this. Here are 6 reasons why:

  1. Easy to fill the taco shells (works with both soft and hard taco shell).
  2. It can go into an oven together with the tacos in case you want to crisp up/heat up the shells.
  3. It allows the filling of the tacos to not fall out on the plate.
  4. It can hold up to 3 tacos which means that you can have more than 1 taco on your plate at a single time minus the mess.
  5. It allows you to take a bite and put it down while eating without having the fillings to fall out.
  6. It’s easy to wash. It’s dishwasher safe (If you wash it by hand, be careful of the sharp edges).

Sold in a pack of 2 and 4.

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