Sticky Note with Cute Headers and Checklists


People with photogenic memory are the living wonders of the world. They are walking talking notepads who do not have to take note ever as long as they understand the matter in point. However, for the rest of the world, we struggle to remember every day little things and have to mentally train ourselves to take note of the major stuff.

The hassle is less burdensome if you carry a Knock Knock Sticky Note anywhere you go. It’ 3 x 3-inch size makes it super easy to fit in your bag, car compartment, corner table and even at the palm of your hands. It not only relieves you from the mental stress of remembering everything but also has checklist boxes to help you understand why you wrote what you wrote and what to do with it.

For example, have you ever written something and forgot why you wrote it? Say if you buy the Mental Note version, it has a middle space to scribble your message and checklist like: Remember This or Stick Somewhere so that you can easily recall the purpose of your note. Besides, it adds some humor and life to your busy schedule because of its cute headers and checklists. 

There are 18 different versions in total; Deal With This, Just Sayin’, Oh Shit, Shit List and many more. They all come in pop up pastel color look. Each sticky note has 100 sheets so that you can use it as much as you like and make it the ultimate tool for communication with yourself.