Sticky Satnav Grip For Your Car


Holding your satnav while driving is dangerous. Two reasons why it’s dangerous:

  1. You don’t have both hands on the wheel.
  2. Your eyes will not be focused on the road.

Which is why most satnavs nowadays come with its own mount so that it can be mounted somewhere on the dashboard. It allows you to keep both eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel at all times.

However, if the satnav you bought does not come with its own mount or it’s broken, you should get this sticky satnav grip. Simply slap it on the dashboard and stick the satnav on it – the satnav will stick like glue.

What’s interesting is that there is no glue, adhesive or any hidden magnet involved. It uses a revolutionary polymer compound which sticks to the dashboard and the front side will stick the satnav without leaving any stains to both the satnav and the dashboard.

It can also be peeled off and be used in other places for other reasons such as slapping it in the living room wall and have your keys stick to it.