Sunglasses and Parking Card Holder for Your Car


We all have those series of unfortunate events where you keep your sunglasses or parking card somewhere in the car, but the stuff weirdly disappear when you are looking for them! One sure way to find your sunglasses or card is if you have a special holder to keep them safely tucked in front of you. This FindGood’s sunglasses and card holder will do just that.

The holder has an uber cool design, made of high-quality carbon fiber and painted in tinted black giving it a Men in Black kind of look. The flat and wide clips of the holder can be easily fitted to the car’s sun visor of any size from 2.5cm (thickness).

You can have your sunglasses and card at hand’s reach without clouding your driving view. The soft cushioning of the holder does not harm either the sun visor or your precious sunglasses and card. Besides, the holder is 180 degrees rotatable so you can adjust it however you want, vertically or horizontally.

Now, you can slip, drip or bump without the fear of losing sunglasses and card. The holder can comfortably carry the weight of your belongings without them being lost, scratched or dropped during the ride. It is sold in a pack of two at only $8.89.