Tablet in Bed Stand


Now you can jerk off peacefully in the morning with your beloved tablet with this tablet stand for the bed A.K.A. tablet in bed stand.

I call it the tablet in bed stand because the concept is quite similar to a breakfast in bed table. And while most breakfasts in bed are served by your significant other after a naughty night, this one is clearly for you to serve yourself if there isn’t any naughty night going to happen.

What’s cool about it is that you can adjust the position of the tablet in terms of height and angles via its flexible legs. Say for instance your penis is 10 inches long, you can bend the legs inwards so that the tablet is raised a little higher. Hence, avoiding any sticky situation. Or say if your penis bends to the right, you can bend the legs a little towards the left so that the tablet is directly opposite to where the shootout is going to be.

This tablet in bed stand works with all types of tablet.