Tennis Ball Collecting Robot


Do you know what’s annoying? Picking up the tennis balls right after a good practice session. Although it’s possible for you to hire a tennis ball picker for a few hundred dollars per month, this robot (Tennibot) will probably beat him/her in terms of value. That’s because it’s always on time, it doesn’t complain and you will only need to pay a one time $850 to get it to work for the rest of your tennis playing life.

On top of that, it comes with an app. The app allows you to instruct where you want the robot to pick up the balls. You can have the robot to pick the balls that are around the sides of the court, only on the other half of the court or only at the net area – this way you can practice your shots and at the same time get the robot to pick the balls up. The app also keeps track of the number of balls it had picked up.