The Best $20 Wireless and Waterproof Earphones


As of April 2019, there are 120 million products listed for sale on Amazon. And I’m trying my best to be exposed to all of their best-selling products. And I have to say that it’s not easy because there are many.

But what keeps me going is that their best-selling products are not mainstream. For example, when it comes to earphones, you are most likely be exposed to brands like Bose, Sony, Audio-Technica and so on. On Amazon, you will be exposed to brands that you have never heard before in your life; like this Otium wireless and waterproof earphones. You will be surprised to know that the quality is similar to the mainstream brands and at the same time, the price is way cheaper. That’s what keeps me going – knowing there are treasures hidden in the sea that not many people have discovered.

Anyways, let me share with you more on this earphones. This earphones is actually an improved version compared to its predecessor. The predecessor is one of the best-selling earphones on Amazon – it has received more than six thousand positive feedback. This new and improved version is better in terms of battery life (9 hours of playtime), it has the latest Bluetooth technology, it has improved acoustic components that produce incredible sound quality with deep bass and crystal clear treble, and it has an upgraded waterproof rating.

So, if you ever find yourself looking for a decent pair of earphones for the price of $20 and below, you should consider buying this.

Cool compact carrying case included.