The Best Battery-Operated and Motion-Activated Light


Do you know how sometimes you need some light in a particular section in your house but there aren’t any sockets nearby to have the light? And do you know how you ended up not getting the light for that section because it will be too costly? Well, I think this is the solution for it.

This is a battery-operated light which you can screw into anywhere in your house which is dying for some light. The best thing about it is that it’s motion-activated – the light will only come on when it senses motion (it can sense a motion that’s up to 12 feet away). And it will automatically shut off after 20 seconds or so to save battery.

Speaking of battery, it’s powered by 3 C batteries and its capable of motion-activating the light 5,000 times. After that, battery changing is needed.

If you ask me, I would buy a few of these and screw it to the ceiling of a hallway and every time someone walks through the hallway it will be like a scene from Star Wars.

Also, you should know that this light is weatherproof. In other words, you can have it fixed outdoors as well.