The Best Soft-Boiled Eggshell Tip Remover


Have you been served a soft-boiled egg in a small egg cup that is meant for the egg to stand upright so that you get to dip a piece of toast or bacon into the oozing egg yolk? Have you ever wondered how the chef manages to achieve a clean break at the tip of the egg so that the good part of the soft-boiled egg stays together in the remaining shell?

Well, I’m guessing the chef used this egg tip remover. It’s a tool that allows you to cleanly break and remove only the tip of the eggshell.

The way to make use of it is by placing the egg upright in an egg cup, then use this toilet plunger looking tool and place it at the tip of the egg. After that, you’ve got to pull the top part till it can’t be pulled anymore and release it. Next, say “abracadabra” and remove the toilet plunger looking tool and the tip of the eggshell will come off nice and clean.

The bottom line here is that if you want to enjoy soft-boiled eggs with the tip of the shell cleanly removed at the comfort of your home, you’ve got to buy this. It’s available on Amazon @ 24.95. It also comes with 2 stainless steel egg cups and 2 teaspoons.