The Best Ziploc Bag Holder


Have you been in a situation where you are in the kitchen all by yourself and you had to pour marinated meat into a Ziploc bag? Did you felt like you were the most helpless person in the world at the time because it’s quite difficult to hold the Ziploc bag on one hand and pour the marinated meat in it using the other hand?

If the answer to both the questions above is “yes”, you are going to need to buy this Ziploc bag holder. It clips the Ziploc bag open so that you can pour the marinated meat inside comfortably with both your hands. On top of that, the clips can be extended so that it’s able to hold a bigger Ziploc bag to avoid causing an overflow. And it’s wide circular non-slip rubber base will hold the bag in place so that the Ziploc bag does not fall while you’re at it.

It can also be used on normal plastic bags.