The Champion Cheese Slicing Board


With this cheese slicing board, I can assure you that you can achieve a more consistent slices of cheese. That’s because it works exactly like a paper cutter (a.k.a paper trimmer) – it has a board for you to place a block of cheese on it, it has a measurement gauge for you to be able to measure the thickness of the slices and it has a sharp blade that comes with a proper handle for you to be able to slice the cheese in one motion.

Not only it makes cheese slicing more consistent, but it also makes it more fun as you get to witness each slice of cheese satisfyingly falling off the block neatly.

On the other hand, you can also use it to slice up other types of food such as a block of butter, salami, pepperoni, cucumber, etc. Which is why I call it the champion cheese slicing board.