The Golf Mug


I know how boring a desk job can get. And I believe this golf mug does cure that boredom by at least a few percentages.

This golf mug features a golf course print. But that’s not the main feature of it. The main feature is that the bottom of the mug has a sort of cutout to make it look like it’s the hole of the golf course that’s printed on the mug. On top of that, the mug comes with a tiny golf club and a tiny golf ball which allows you to putt the ball into the hole.

In other words, you get to play a tiny round of golf on your office desk while at the same time having a warm cup of coffee or tea.

Also, the tiny golf club works as a pen. It can be used as a cover-up if your boss walks by or it can be used to write down ideas in case an idea pops up while you’re tryna putt the ball into the hole.

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