The Original Mattress Sheet Tightener


Quite some time ago, I published a mattress sheet strap which is capable of holding the mattress sheet together no matter how much movement you make while sleeping. Well, it turns out that it was designed based on this one. In other words, this is the original one. And the brand, Bed Band, is well-known across the U.S.

But, even if you have purchased the non-original one which I have suggested earlier, you don’t have to worry about anything as it works just as good and you save $4. Just that this one is a little easier to set up thanks to the cord lock feature and the stretchable cord which allows the tightening and loosening of the edges of the mattress sheet to be as easy as opening and closing a drawstring bag. The non-original has a non-stretchable strap and requires you to adjust the strap before being able to lock the edges of the mattress sheet in place.

Another noticeable difference between the two is that this one only has two clips; the non-original has three clips. I’m guessing why they went with the three clips is because the company that sells this one has patented the two clips design – three clips is better than a lawsuit.