The P.E. Teacher Starter Pack


There are two types of P.E. teacher. There’s one that is always about theory and there’s one that’s all about the outdoors. Honestly, I prefer the one that’s all about the outdoors – they are more fun and I get to have a blast.

Anyways, a P.E. teacher’s starter pack (for guys) involves a comfortable pair of sports shoes, basketball shorts, a polo t-shirt (some wear a t-shirt), a digital watch and a nice loud whistle. The only difference between a woman P.E. teacher compared to a guy is that a woman wears track pants instead of basketball pants which is actually more relevant.

But the starter pack is not the main reason I’m writing here. I’m writing about their loud whistle which can really make you go deaf if you are closeby to a P.E. teacher when the whistle is blown. I’ve experienced it before when I was in elementary school. And I’m guessing this is the whistle. It’s silver, has a long black lanyard and it’s loud (according to the verified purchasers). The whistle has been engraved in my mind ever since. So, hoping that my P.E. teacher is not dead and hoping to meet him someday, I’ve bought it just so I can have my revenge.

Update: Received my package today and tested it out. It’s fucking loud. I’m very sure this is the whistle most P.E. teacher buys and I’m very sure this is the whistle that got me two decades ago.