The Ultimate Sunbathing Chair


If you think about it, sunbathing is sort of boring. That’s because the moment you are getting sun on your back, you can’t do anything other than lying flat on the blanket. Plus, it’s also possible to get your neck hurt from having your head to look at one side for a long period of time.

With this chair, you can say Buh-bye to boring sunbathing session and neck pain. It allows you to read a book or scroll through your tablet while getting sun on your back. That’s because the section where you place your face can be opened and you can put a book or a tablet underneath your face. Your neck will not hurt too because there’s a cushion to support your head comfortably.

And when you are done with the back, you can close the face section and continue with getting sun on your front.

The chair can also be adjusted in a reclined position in case you want to sip on some pina colada while enjoying a beautiful sight.

Note: It’s available in 5 different colors; blue, green, pink, red and blue + white stripe.