These Chair Socks Prevents The Chair Legs From Scratching The Floor


Every time when you drag the chair to sit on it, there is a possibility for the chair legs to scratch the floor. On top of that, it will also make a lot of noise.

One way to avoid the unwanted situations above is by lifting the chair if you need to move it around. Another way to avoid it is by using these chair socks – simply fit these chair socks onto all the chair legs and you will never need to worry about scratches and noises anymore whenever you decide to move the chair. This is because they are made out of knitted wool which provides a soft cushioning between the chair legs and the floor.

And due to the fact that it’s stretchable, not only you can use it on chairs, but you can also use it on stools, door handles (this is suitable during winter when the door handles get cold), cupboards with legs, small tables and basically anything that has legs and is capable of scratching the floor.

It also looks cute with the cat paw design.

Note: It’s sold in a set of 5 (4 pieces for each set x 5 = 20 pieces).

Note: If you have a cat at home, try to keep it away from these chair socks. This is because cats somehow do not accept it’s existence (they will scratch it and rip it out with their nails).