This 4-Person Tent Can Be Ready Faster Than A Cup Of Instant Noodle


How fast? 10 seconds.

That’s right! This 4-person tent by Coleman (a company that manufactures outdoor camping gear and equipment) can be set up in just 10 seconds. All that is needed to be done is remove the tent from the bag it comes with, remove the elastic strap that holds the tent together and the tent will expand almost immediately into shape. After that, you will need to peg down the tent using the webbing loops and guy ropes for stability (webbing loops and guy ropes attached to the tent).

However, packing the tent back into the bag is not as easy as setting it up. But, it’s considered easy if compared to normal tents. You will just need to follow the instructions and fold the tent accordingly so that it goes back to the state it was initially.

It’s also extremely light which makes it suitable for bringing it with you if you are planning to hike and camp up on a mountain with some friends.

There’s also a 2-person version of it.