This Herb Gadget Makes Chopping Herbs So Easy


I’m the kinda guy who roughly chops the herbs before throwing it into the pan. But I know there are many of you who won’t agree with the way I handle the herbs. This is because some of you prefer finely chopping it, and there are some of you who prefer not chopping it at all and there are even some of you who throws the herbs including its stem into the pan.

But no matter which way you prefer doing it, I think you might find this herb gadget useful. It allows you to do three things:

  1. Strip the herb leaves from its stem as it has a built-in herb stripper.
  2. Roughly chop or finely chop the herbs. It has four sharp rolling blades which can be rolled on the herbs until you are pleased with the herbs chopping size.
  3. Scrape the chopped herbs so that it forms a pile. It has a built-in scraper.

Other than that, the ergonomic design allows you to easily roll the blades on the herbs like using a computer mouse. And the blades can also be retracted after use for safety purposes.

All in all, it’s something that you will be very pleased to have in your kitchen if you throw in a lot of fresh herbs into your cooking.