This is How You Properly Divide a Shelf


A shelf is a shelf, isn’t it? However, a shelf is way neater and organized with these shelf dividers.

It comes in a set of two and you can have them fitted onto your shelf which as a result, provides a sort of barrier for you to keep different types of things without having the things mixed up over time. For example, if you have a shelf in your cupboard, you can buy a set of these and have your shelf divided into three sections; perhaps a section for folded pants, a section for folded t-shirts, and a section for folded sweaters.

The best part about it is that they don’t need any drilling to get it to be fitted onto the shelf. That’s because it has a stabilizer hook that allows it to be clamped onto a shelf and at the same time grip it securely.

Unfortunately, these dividers do not work on all types of shelves – the stabilizer hook is only capable of securely gripping a 2 – 2.2cm thick shelf. Also, the shelf is quite tall; measuring 33cm. So, make sure to measure the thickness and the height of your shelf before getting it.