This is The Best Power Bank for a Long Weekend Trips


If you have ever found yourself looking for the perfect power bank and you did not come across this Anker PowerCore 20100, then you are missing out. This is because, in my opinion, this is the perfect power bank. Even Marques Brownlee (the famous guy who makes tech videos) uses this power bank in his daily commute.

But, Marquess Brownlee and my opinion do not make it the perfect power bank. What makes it the perfect power bank is the battery capacity of it – a whopping 20100mAh, which is more than any other power bank in this world (at the moment). This battery capacity is capable of fully charging a smartphone more than 5 times (and I’m talking about 0 – 100%). On top of that, it comes with two charging ports which allows you to charge two devices at the same time.

This power bank is not only suitable if you are going away for a long weekend trip, but it’s also suitable for business traveling, college students on long class schedules, etc.

The brand is also not some flimsy brand either. Apparently, Anker has been very known in the power bank industry. In fact, they are one of the pioneers (they have their own Wikipedia page). Their power banks are highly durable, delivers high-speed charge, well-designed and have an excellent value for the cost. And their customer service is very quick to respond and accommodating.

Btw, this Anker PowerCore 20100 also comes with an 18-month warranty.