This Laptop Shoulder Bag is Currently at the Top of My List


Here are 10 simple reasons to why this laptop shoulder bag is at the top of my list:

  1. It can fit my 13-inch MacBook Air. In fact, it fits a laptop that’s up to 15-inch in size.
  2. It has a thick padded interior which protects the laptop like an airbag.
  3. It has a rubber material hidden in all four corners to protect the laptop from hard bumps.
  4. The laptop comes out sideways which is quite unique compared to most laptop shoulder bags. (However, I’m still unsure about this because I’ve never removed a laptop from the side before)
  5. It has two well-engineered pockets outside which can be used to store my smaller stuff such as laptop charger, phone, pen, power bank, etc.
  6. It has a retractable handle that makes the bag look neat and tidy – unlike most shoulder bags which handle(s) will be sagging.
  7. It’s very slim.
  8. It’s very stylish.
  9. It’s comfortable to carry (according to people who have purchased it)
  10. It’s affordable.