This Mini Basketball Hoop Glows In The Dark


If you are looking for a mini basketball hoop to hang in your room or in the mancave, I can’t stress this enough other than writing “YOU SHOULD GET THIS!”. It fucking glows in the dark! Maybe I can stress this even more by writing “YOU SHOULD FUCKING GET THIS!”.

Anyways, I should tell you more about this thing if the glow in the dark feature does not stress it enough.

Besides being glow in the dark, it also comes with a mini basketball that glows in the dark. The basketball measures 5 inches in diameter. Speaking of the measurement of the mini glow in the dark basketball, the hoop measures 18 inches in length and 12 inches in height and the steel rim measures 9 inches in diameter. Speaking of the steel rim, it has a spring attached at the back of it which is supposedly for children to practice their dunks (I’m not sure how dunks and springs work together but I don’t think you should bother about the functionality if all you want to do is shoot hoops).