This Small Barbecue Grill Allows You To Grill Anywhere, Anytime


This compact size barbecue grill is designed and manufactured by Weber-Stephen. Weber-Stephen is a company that was founded more than a century ago and they specialize in manufacturing outdoor grills. In other words, you can trust the quality which this grill has to offer.

Besides the quality, it looks quite retro with its metallic black body, silver-plated steel legs, and smokers.

On the inside, there is space to fit six burger patties – which is ample space. As a result, indirect grilling technique can be applied with it. On top of that, there’s also a smoker which allows you to add a smokey flavor to the meat. In other words, despite its size, it works every bit like a proper grill.

What I like about it personally other than the retro look is the handles fitted on it. There’s one handle at the top for you to easily carry it like a briefcase and bring it anywhere you go. And there are two handles on each side for you to easily dump the charcoal ash off and clean it when you are done using it. On top of that, the handles are not some flimsy handles either; they are glass-reinforced nylon.