This Spray Will Repel Spills On Your Couch


Every human being has accidentally spilled chicken curry or Coke or any other stuff on the couch and leave a regrettable stain on it. This is because of our stubborn nature of wanting to eat a full meal on the couch when there is a perfectly functioning dining room with a dining set.

But, life is boring if rules are not meant to be broken. Thankfully, by spraying your couch with this bottle of spray, you can eat on your couch and accidentally spill all the seafood spaghetti marinara or a full glass of red wine without the worry of leaving a stain on it. Even if your couch is white as the snow, you can absolutely put your trust on it to not leave a stain. This is because the spray adds a layer of protection to the couch which can’t be seen by the naked eye and it repels ALL dirt from being absorbed to the couch’s surface.