This T-Shirt Has A Baby Orangutan’s Face Printed On It


Not long ago, I saw a video where a guy with a big belly was wearing this t-shirt and due to his big belly, it adds a 3D look to the orangutan print. But that’s not what the video is all about. Apparently, the guy was standing right in front of a BBQ grill that is smoking and he was inflating and deflating his tummy to make the orangutan look like it’s blowing the smoke off the BBQ grill. It’s really funny. You can check the video out here.

But other than what he’s doing, this 100% cotton t-shirt is cool – because of the 3D look of the orangutan print when you wear it with your growing belly. It will surely get everyone to stare wherever you go – beats Armani, Ralph Lauren or whatever.

It comes in many different sizes; from Small size to 5X-Large. So, there is a size for you no matter how big your belly is.