This Thing Here Allows You To Tear the Paper Towel with One Hand


If you have a paper towel holder to hold your paper towel, you should be aware of the fact that you need both of your hands in order to rip a single sheet of paper towel. This is because if you use only one hand to rip a sheet, you will end up with more paper towels than you wanted. Also, you might bring the hold thing down because paper towel holders are normally light in weight and not stable enough to pull off a one-handed rip.

Which is why you are going to need this paper towel holder by OXO if you want to be able to rip a sheet with one hand. It works every bit like a normal paper towel holder, but, it has a spring-activated arm lock that puts pressure on the paper towel so when you pull a sheet of paper towel you will get a clean tear. On top of that, the base of it is also weighted and non-slip so that it doesn’t move around when you quickly rip a sheet.

Other than what it can do, it looks appealing too – very modern! And it’s made out of high-quality material – brushed stainless steel.