This Tomato Slicer Looks Like It Got Out Of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen


I said that this tomato slicer looks like it got out of Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen because it looks mean – just like Gordon Ramsay when he is in his kitchen. And similar to Gordon Ramsay’s cooking skills, the tomato slicing skills of this thing is absolutely sharp. It is capable of slicing up a whole tomato in perfect slices (even if the tomato is a little on the soft side). That’s because of the sharp blades that are attached to it on the inside (the blades are also replaceable – in fact, they throw in one free replacement blades).

But aside from how it looks and it’s tomato slicing skills, the way to operate this thing is quite interesting. Very similar to operating a vintage credit card machine – where you will have to insert the tomato in the designated area and followed by moving the handle to the right so that the tomato is pushed through the blades, causing it to be sliced nicely.

Note: In my opinion, this thing belongs in a high-traffic burger restaurant where tomato slices are needed every minute.