This Watch Will Make You Look Cheap and Dorky


This is the Casio F-91W. It was introduced back in 1989 and it’s still in production up to this very day. It is one of the best-selling digital watches by Casio.

It is also my first ever watch. I had my mum purchased this for me when I won an arithmetic competition when I was around 12 years old (in 2003). And I still have it.

What I like about it the most is the battery life on this thing – it can last up to 5 years (no occasional charging needed). On top of that, I like the backlight – it makes the whole screen go green (it looked very cool to me back then..and it still looks cool).

It’s a very simple digital watch that is not hard to maintain, tells time precisely, waterproof, and lasts a lifetime.

Unfortunately, wearing it now when I’m 27 years old and counting will just make me look cheap and dorky. However, I still do wear it. 😛

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