This Water Bottle Has A Water Filter Inside Of It


Are you a kind of person that purchases drinking water in a plastic bottle from the convenience store for whenever you are thirsty? If yes, I’m pretty sure you have many used plastic bottles laying around in your house, in your room, and in your car. And I think it’s about time to stick to one bottle. And in my opinion, this would be a good option to stick to.

This bottle allows you to fill it up with water straight from a tap and the filter that’s inside of it will filter the water from chlorine, rust, dirt, and sand. This way, the tap water that you drink from this bottle (no matter how bad the condition is) will taste like clean water.

Out of the box, this bottle comes with one filter which lasts 2 whole months. After that, you will need to replace the filter. The filter is sold separately @ $15 for 5 of them.